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One Club Ninja® (Prototype Edition)

One Club Ninja® (Prototype Edition)

SKU: 100020

One Club Ninja (Prototype Edition) - Putter Attachment


Please note: This version of the One Club Ninja® is a Prototype Edition. This means it's handmade and as a result, you may notice slight imperfections in its appearance. These minor cosmetic variations do not affect its functionality or durability in any way.


Meet the One Club Ninja®: Prototype Edition. This device offers a simple yet innovative solution to your golf game, transforming any golf iron club head into a putter in an instant. The One Club Ninja® is equipped with a brass faceplate for improved ball feel upon impact, extra-strong epoxy-coated neodymium magnets for secure attachment to your club, and a lanyard ring with a carabiner for easy accessibility.


    Molded resin body with weatherproof epoxy-coated neodymium magnets for securing to the club face. 0.04" brass faceplate. Includes a carabiner for clipping to the lanyard loop. Patent pending. 


    30 day return policy.


    Ships anywhere in the world. Free shipping for domestic U.S. orders. 

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