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One Club Ninja is the answer for One Club Golf

The game of golf can be a frustrating and difficult endeavor for beginners. One primary reason for this is the number of golf clubs needed, which can be expensive and

intimidating. It’s also difficult to learn so many clubs at once. An alternative way to play golf would be "One Club Golf" which would simplify the game and make it more accessible for

newcomers and amateur players. The player would only use one club for the entire round of

golf. This would help simplify the game and facilitate faster learning. The one issue with this

unique golf concept is that a putter is still required due to the difficulty in trying to putt with the angled club face of an iron. The One Club Ninja product allows the conversion of any golf club into a putter with an attachment to the club face. The player can attach this putter face to their club when needed to putt the ball. With this attachment, the player only needs one actual club for the entire game of golf. The concept of “one club” golf is not new, however it has yet to become a mainstream alternative to traditional golf play. I believe this will soon change and one club golf will become very popular with a new generation of golf players looking to break away from tradition. The intent of this invention is to facilitate a shift in popularity towards one club golf. One Club Ninja plans to be the face and brand of this new generation of golf.

One Club Ninja
One Club Ninja

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