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About Us:

As a previous on-again/off-again golfer, I always found it frustrating that each club had a different length, different ball placement and different swings. I could never remember any of it… but I've always loved the game. I'm a minimalist at heart and the goal was to apply that mindset to the game of golf. Trying to learn all those different clubs is like being a jack of all trades but master of none. I want to focus on and perfect one club. I want a single weapon of choice. I want to manipulate my shot not by choosing different clubs, but by using a single club in creative ways. I want to be a One Club Ninja.

I remember the exact moment in which I decided to play golf with a single club. It was while watching the movie Lost In Translation (still one of my favorite movies). It's the scene with Bill Murray on the tee box with Mount Fuji in the background. The feeling of this scene is what I want golf to be all about. Just you and the course. Naturally, there’s no way he's playing with just a driver, but you don't see a golf cart and he's not lugging around a golf bag. After he hits the ball he just walks down the fairway. It’s like a zen moment. Here's the scene I’m talking about:

I'll be updating the blog section regularly with information around One Club Ninja and playing One Club Golf. Also click the Notify Me button below to receive updates around the product. Thanks for taking this journey with me.


                        - AJ, Owner

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